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5.56, .300 Blackout, 9mm

7.62x51, 6.5 Creedmore

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RTD is a New Hampshire based firearms manufacturer. We install pride, craftsmanship and only parts made right here in the USA into all of our guns. 87% of our gun is made right in New Hampshire, and we take our job very seriously; no matter if it is for putting food on your table, defending your home or country or for sport and competition, our goal is to never let you down. Our state motto is” Live Free or Die” and at RTD we took that up a notch by trade marking our motto of “Live Free or Die Trying”.RTD is a strong supporter of the Constitution not solely the 2nd Amendment, and we believe if it is followed by our leaders without deviation for political or personal reasons our country will always be strong and free. We must protect our rights, and in our business and lifestyle protecting the 2nd Amendment is very important. We feel one of the best ways to defend this precious and fragile right is through education and responsible gun ownership. We strongly recommend an NRA firearms training course like the ones available at Defensive Strategies for every new gun owner and members of their household.



It seems everybody is making an AR rifle these day, but only a select few manufactures are dedicated to making high quality and dependable rifles, and at RTD that is exactly what we do. It all starts with an experienced team of seasoned armors and vetern war fighters that know what is needed when the conditions are less than perfect, and your firearm is for more than target practice . Next is no compromise precision machining and parts selection. Our parts are all made in small batches to insure quality and consistency. RTD firearms are made with all U.S. made parts and componants.  



Because you will not find a manufacture that that takes their products as serious as we do.

We have tortured our guns in ways you could not even imagine to ensure they will stand up in any and all situations .

Most importantly your not just buying a firearm you are joining the RTD family, and you can be assured we will always be there for you .


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